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“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” ― Fred DeVito


I was born in Erbil, Iraq. The challenging life obliged me to move to Iran to pursue my educations. In 2011, I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Software engineering at University of Applied science and Technology.

In May, 2011, I started working as software engineer in Korek Telecom company based in Erbil. I moved to Rochester, NY in 2013 to pursue M.S in Computer Science in Rochester Institute of Technology and graduated in August, 2015.

I would love to be challenged by computer problems and I enjoyed tackling many of them during my Master's degree at RIT. My interest areas include distributed systems, parallel computing, cloud computing and systems architecture design. I also really enjoy mobile application development.

In my free time, I like to photograph, go fishing or read a good novel.

Currently I am seeking a full time software engineering position, where I can challenge myself through solving new problems and leverage my skills toward my desired career path.


Here are some of the technologies I enjoy working with






Data mining


"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." _ Albert Einstein

Rochester Institute of Technology

Master's degree in Computer Science - Graduated: Aug 2015

A two year program in which I enjoyed gaining deep understandings of exciting topics including Distributed Systems, Parallel computing, Algorithm, AI and IoT.

University of Applied Science and Technologies

Bachelor degree in Software Engineering - Graduated: Feb 2011

A four year program in which I explored foundations in software engineering field.


Korek Telecom

Software Engineer / Erbil, Iraq / May 2011 - Feb 2013

During my employment at Korek Telecom, as a member of NMC team, I enhanced network fault management procedures by developing fault management programs using Ericsson FMX. This way, we decreased the need of humans resources in network monitoring and, as the result, improved fault management accuracy and response time significantly. I also acted as the reporting team leader for six months. I contributed in improving reporting process time and decreasing human errors by developing reporting applications using VB.

Private Language Schools

Computer/English Instructor / June 2009 - Feb 2011

I also worked as Computer/English instructor in part time while I was pursuing my B.S degree. The class leadership experience during this 1.5 years is invaluable to me!


Below are some of the projects I have worked on during last two years.

Activity recognition using sensor data (MS capstone project)

C++, Java, Bash scripts, Data mining, Signal processing, Android

In this project I aim to design an activity recognition system using sensor data. The goal of the project was to design a system which is capable of recognizing the different gestures within a play of Tennis. To achieve this, I used Myo sensor armband which comes with diverse type of sensors. The challenging part of the project was to deal with the real time data and find the window in which the desired activity exists. The designed solution, managed to classify Tennis swings types with 97% accuracy. I also conducted a comparison between a similar product, Zepp. This is an individual ongoing project.

Distributed file sharing system on a Content-Addressable Network

Java RMI

In this project I implemented a distributed file sharing system in which a Distributed Hash Table (DHT) is used to store and retrieve the files among the peers. The developed solution was an scalable fault tolerant system in which peers can join and leave the system at any time. This was an individual project.

Distributed mobile computation on a network of Raspberry Pis

Java RMI

The goal of this project was to design a system that is capable of processing a large computation using a network of machines with limited memory space and processing power. The network was constructed using 10 Raspberry Pis. Our proposed solution made use of distributed algorithms and was able to address fault tolerance and load balancing. We worked on this project in a team of three.

Automatic blind system simulation using sensors

Java, Android

The goal of this project was to simulate an auto blind system using Raspberry Pi and temperature and ambient sensors. Our proposed solution made use of JSON-RPC and fuzzy logic controller. We also developed an Android app for the user to interact with the system. We worked on this project in a team of three.

Bank direct marketing customer prediction system

Java, Data mining, Bash scripts

In this project we designed and implemented a bank deposit customer prediction system which is capable of predicting bank future customers based on the available data. Using the system, banks can save financial and human resources in their customer discovering process. The solution was able to predict the future customers with more than 85% accuracy. We worked on this project in a team of two.

Andrew File System simulation

Java Socket

In this project we tended to implement a small-scale version of Andrew File System (AFS). AFS is distributed file system which presents a homogeneous, location-transparent file name space to all the client workstations. We successfully implemented both ticket-based client authentication as well as distributed file operations. We worked on this project in a team of three.

TFTP implementation

Perl, Java

In this project I implemented Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) based on the RFC 1350. I developed two version of TFTP; one using Java and the other using Perl. My intention was to explore Perl socket programming. This was an individual project.

Parallel and cluster solution for graph Clique problem

Parallel Java library (PJ2)

The solution to maximum clique problem, as an NP-complete problem, requires a great deal of computations. In this project we designed and implemented a sequential version, a multicore parallel version and a cluster parallel version solution to find the maximum clique in a given graph. In our solution, we took a heuristic approach and managed to minimize running time and maintain efficiency as more processing cores are engaged into the computation. We worked on this project in a team of two.

Map-based messenger app

Android, Xamarin

In this project I developed an Android location-based messenger application in which each user is able to see his friends on a map and interchange messages with them. I made use of a RESTful API and Xamarin framework to build the app. This was an individual project.


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